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Is Cryptocurrency A Convenient Payment Option For CBD And Kratom Merchants?


CBD and kratom vendors face one big problem: most banking institutions worldwide are still reluctant to cooperate with industries whose products are federally illegal, albeit it has been legalized in a few states or some countries. Opening a checking account or doing certain transactions is difficult, which suggests that vendors are left without valid bank accounts or can accept card transactions.

So, what can Kratom and CBD vendors do to make sure that their businesses run with none hitch? Most of them are currently turning to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as alternative payment options.

Most of the vendors vouch for crypto because the most convenient payment option—for several solid reasons:

It Eliminates Unnecessary Hassles related to Bank Transactions

As hinted above, due to the legality issues surrounding the Kratom and CBD industry, banking institutions put many restrictions on Kratom and CBD vendors when it involves banking or card processing…

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